Femtech Roundtable

Bi-monthly we sit down (virtually) as a community to share our successes, network and hear from leaders within the Femtech Canada network. Our roundtables are open to start ups and individuals/organizations who are passionate about Femtech innovation in Canada. Join us!

Minutes from previous Roundtables

On June 30th, 2022, Femtech Canada kicked off our first roundtable event with a diverse audience of Femtech founders, innovators, researchers, and investors.

We opened the meeting with our origin story, background on our advisory board, and organization goals. Don’t worry if you missed it – we recorded the intro for you!

Here are the highlights from our first discussion!


Femtech Founders are looking for more support in providing education about this nascent industry across the board from customers and patients to government and investors.

How do we measure impact?

Opportunities for innovation, success and the potential impact of the Femtech industry are relatively new and often misunderstood.

Representation matters

Femtech Canada is committed to challenging the status quo of how women of colour, indigenous women, and members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community are included in, and accurately served by this industry.

Oh, Canada

Canadian founders face distinctly Canadian issues such as: conservative investors, managing the massive US market, and building for a diverse, and remote population to name a few. We’re working to answer the question, how can we as a community help each other navigate this?

Show us the money!

Our community expressed the challenges of fundraising and how sharing resources and tips on bootstrapping and connections with investors who are actually interested in Femtech would go a long way.

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