Our mission

Femtech Canada exists to inspire entrepreneurs to lead in women’s health innovation. We connect Canadian Femtech companies with the resources and recognition they deserve.

Our values

Femtech Canada values technology that is innovative and enriches the lives of the end-user. We believe in building a network that is intentional, intersectional, and inclusive.

“The result of this deeply male-dominated culture is that the male experience, the male perspective, has come to be seen as universal, while the female experience–that of half the global population, after all—is seen as, well, niche.”

― Caroline Criado-Pérez, Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Our history

After reading a Canadian magazine that featured only foreign Femtech start-ups, Rachel Bartholomew (the founder of HyIvy) was inspired to build Femtech Canada. Femtech founders face barriers in recognition and resourcing and Rachel felt it was overdue for the Canadian market to support Femtech innovators. In 2022, The Innovation Factory partnered with Rachel to build a robust, scalable Femtech ecosystem.

Women represent 50% of the population and yet health care research and services have failed women for centuries. Resources, networks, and support are required to commercialize innovations and fill persistent health and wellness gaps in Canada’s diverse population. The Femtech Canada Network stands for women, girls, non-binary folks, trans people, and those assigned female at birth.

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