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global Femtech leaders

Femovate by Guidea is a UX sponsorship program for early-stage Femtech founders; having gifted $1M in services to advance women’s digital health innovation.

A global FemTech community and a 9-month equity free FemTech start-up acceleration program for companies developing innovative solutions to improve technologies relating to women’s health with international reach.

We’re dedicated to growing awareness of female health concerns and catalyzing investment in research, innovation, and product development for solutions that improve women’s quality of life.

impact.51 strives for systemic change in women’s health through needs-matched innovation. We bring the ecosystem together to define, ideate and solve  complex problems. We are company creators that build scalable, equitable &  patient-centric solutions.

We are building an eminent network to empower FemTech in India to enable FemTech companies to connect with relevant resources, industry mentors, FemTech innovators, entrepreneurs, Investors and FemTech enthusiasts.

fermata is creating a community that celebrates diversity. They want to create a place where women can share their concerns and issues related to their bodies.

Femtech Insider is the fastest growing portal for innovation in women’s health and address the information needs of founders, investors, researchers and consumers alike.

Europe’s first Femtech focused accelerator that helps rising stars in the space take their products to market.

Women of Wearables (WoW) is a leading global organization aiming to inspire, connect, and support women and allies in emerging technologies.

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