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Y Combinator-Backed Lilia Launches A More Convenient And Affordable Egg Freezing Offering Built For The Millennial Women

Lilia, a full-service egg freezing concierge, today announced they are now offering egg freezing directly for their clients at nearly half the price of an average IVF procedure and in half the time, and coordinated to make the experience less isolating. With this new breakthrough offering, women have access to the leading, most progressive doctors in the country dedicated to Lilia’s mission of giving every woman the freedom to make her own decisions on her own timeline.

According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the U.K.’s independent fertility regulator, the data shows that “while a woman’s age at thaw has relatively little impact on a woman’s chances of success, the age at freeze does, with evidence showing that if eggs are frozen below the age of 35, the chances of success will be higher than the natural conception rate as the woman gets older.”

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