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Meet the Bay Street Bull 30X30 Class of 2022

Simone Godbout, Harit Sohal, Kiara Botha, Nadia Ladak (Co-founders, Marlow)

Canadian brand Marlow is transforming the way people experience menstrual health. Dedicated to changing the uncomfortable conversations and experiences around menstrual and sexual wellness, the female-led team (comprised of four young and dynamic Western University grads) saw a glaringly apparent gap in the market and created a product that alleviates some of the pain associated with periods. Changing up the menstrual product game, Marlow developed the first-ever lubricant and tampons designed to be used together for a smoother experience. The Marlow product combines 100 percent organic cotton tampons with lubricant-both presented in environmentally-friendly packaging-making lives easier for some 86 percent of menstruators who have experienced insertion pain.

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Meet the 30X30: Marlow is Empowering Menstruators to Live Life on Their Own Terms

Our sixth annual Bay Street Bull 30X30 guide showcases a group of incredible individuals who are redefining the way we do business, championing their communities, and cultivating entirely new industries. From tech and environmental pioneers to cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and media trailblazers, each of this year’s inductees is challenging Canadians to think (and work) differently for a brighter future.

In our series of one-on-one interviews, get to know each honoree a little better: their values, mission, lessons learned, and best advice.


Simone Godbout, Harit Sohal, Kiara Botha, and Nadia Ladak (Co-founders, Marlow)

What is your elevator pitch to the world? 

Marlow: Marlow is the newest menstrual wellness brand that has launched the first-ever lubricated tampon experience. We want to empower menstruators to take charge of their menstrual health with comfortable products and reliable education. Inserting tampons is not always the most comfortable process, especially on the first and last day of a period when the flow is lighter. For some, this process is even more uncomfortable including first-time menstruators, individuals with medical conditions such as vaginismus, and those with increased levels of vaginal dryness. We want to continue to push the standards for products and create comfortable solutions, starting with the first-ever lubricated tampon. We combine 100 percent organic cotton tampons with a water-based lubricant to create a smoother, more comfortable insertion process. The products are purchased through an e-commerce channel and are delivered on DTC subscription model. Beyond our innovative product, our mission is to reduce the stigma around menstrual and sexual health. Through easily digestible education & conversation, we can begin to normalize menstrual and sexual health as key aspects of overall wellness.

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