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Kt launches a crash course in menstruation for teens with their Period 101 Guide

Kt by Knix, little sister brand to Global intimates and apparel brand Knix, is excited to announce Period 101: A Crash Course in Menstruation for Teens – a free guide to provide accessible period education and fight period stigma among teens and their peers.

This guide is built on the premise of removing all taboos and stigmas associated with periods, as a clear call to action in providing free education to teens on the functions of their bodies. According to the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s blog article, Period Stigma: How It Holds Back Girls and Women, “myths, misconceptions and misinformation about periods feed into stigma which can be hugely damaging for many girls, women and people who menstruate” leading them to associate their periods with shame and guilt.

The candid and medically-reviewed guide is co-written by Dr. Chimmy and comedian Alise Morales which includes a range of topics from anatomy, puberty, periods and everything in between. Dr. Chimsom T. Oleka MD, FACOG, better known as Dr. Chimmy is a Pediatric, Adolescent and Athlete Gynecologist. Kt teamed up with Dr. Chimmy and Alise Morales, after a recent study revealed that 65% of teens use the internet to learn about menstruation.  Dr. Chimmy believes how children and young adults are introduced to their bodies, plays an integral part in the tone for how they feel about our bodies as adults.

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