Mohana is a precision health platform with the mission to help women improve their hormonal imbalances. We leverage AI to match each person’s unique biomarker and health data to the naturopathic interventions that are most likely to have an impact.

Fibra Inc.

We aim to improve women/couples’ chances of pregnancy by providing a stress-free and hassle-free method of fertility tracking. It provides daily personalized and accurate fertility chances to help them get pregnant faster, easier, and in a natural manner. We not only improve their fertility chances, but we also improve their quality of life by providing […]


AIMA is transforming the way menstrual pain is managed, by developing a new generation of pain management systems for 80 million North American menstruators


Treehouse Medical is Canada’s first and only care management software specifically designed for the maternal health community. Treehouse enables allied health providers who support clients from conception to early childhood to have technology to run their practice, stay connected to clients, and improve their care journey.

Hyivy Health

Hyivy Health creates an intelligent pelvic rehabilitation system for the 1-in-3 women who will experience pelvic health problems in their lifetime

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